Elevator Safety Tips

Elevators are a part of visiting many public and private buildings.  They are designed to be safe and receive regular elevator maintenance and repairs.  You can play a part in using the elevator safely but following these elevator safety tips.  We’ve also included information for what to do if you’re in a stalled elevator.


Elevator Safety Tips

There’s things you can do to be more safe while using elevators.  We have tips for before, entering, riding, getting off, and what to do if the elevator gets stuck.

Calling & Waiting For Elevators

  • Read the board to find out what floor you’ll need to get to your destination.
  • Select the direction, up or down, you need to go to get there.
  • Watch for the car to arrive and an auditory signal that the doors have opened.
  • Keep in mind any disorders that cause dizziness or otherwise make elevators uncomfortable.
  • Allow passengers to exit the elevator before trying to get on.
  • If the elevator is already full wait for the next car instead of cramming in.
  • Avoid trying to rush between closing doors or prevent them from closing.
  • If there’s been a power outage or fire use the stairs and avoid elevators.

Boarding The Elevator

  • Before getting on the elevator allow people to exit.
  • Mind your footing as you step into the elevator.
  • Make sure you and your cargo is clear of the elevator doors.
  • Hold hands with your kids and if you have pets make sure to hold them.
  • Whoever is closet to the elevator door should stand to the side if staying on.
  • Passengers exiting on the next stop should move near the doors to exit.
  • If someone needs extra time to get on or off hold the “Door Open” button.
  • As you enter make sure you push the button for your floor and then find room to stand.

Riding The Elevator

  • Brace yourself against a wall or hold onto railings.
  • Watch for what floor the elevator is on so you know when to be ready to exit.
  • If the elevator stops on your floor but the doors don’t open push the “Door Open” button.
  • Stay calm and be considerate of other people on the elevator.

Disembarking The Elevator

  • As soon as the doors open at your floor make your way out of the elevator.
  • Avoid pushing anyone else in the elevator to exit, ask them to please move if needed.
  • Mind your step if there’s a difference between the floor and elevator car height.
  • Be aware of people trying to get on the elevator and be considerate to exit quickly.

Why Do Elevators Get Stuck

The odds of getting stuck in an elevator are extremely low as there are laws governing the maintenance and repair of elevators in buildings.  In fact for someone who rides an elevator 8 times a day the chances of that individual getting stuck is about 1 in 5,000 (according to KJA Elevator Design)

  1. Electricity Failure In Building – Elevators run on the building’s power. If it goes out the elevators can not move.
  2. Software Malfunction – Most modern elevators have some level or automation controlled by computer software.
  3. Mechanical Breakdowns – Wear and tear is a fact in every mechanical system including elevators.
  4. Fail Safe Mode – If something is wrong in the system the software is designed to stop the elevator for safety.

What To Do If The Elevator Is Stuck

If you’re unlucky one day and you’re stuck in an elevator here’s what you should do.

  1. Breathe slow and deep to maintain your calm.
  2. Never try to climb out of the elevator.
  3. Contact The elevator operated using the call button or phone.
  4. Contact the office, co-workers, friends, or family to let them know.
  5. Talk to other passengers and help them stay calm if you’re not alone.
  6. Sit down, relax, and take a nap if you feel inclined.
  7. If you’ve got your laptop or tablet you can study or continue to work.

Absolutely never climb out of the elevator as it can power back up and move when you’re on top of it.  People have been injured and some have died when this happens. Stay safe, stay calm, and stay in the elevator.

Elevator Maintenance & Repair Services

If you own a building and need elevator maintenance or elevator repair services, Arizona Elevator Solutions is here to help!  We offer on going maintenance, repairs, and ensure that you’re building is up to code.  This helps you avoid unnecessary liability and ensure your occupants are happy, healthy, and safe as they visit your building.

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Costs of Elevator Maintenance

Costs of Elevator Maintenance

If you’re searching for costs of elevator maintenance, elevator maintenance contract prices, or elevator repair costs this post will help!  If the property you own or manage has an elevator keeping up with its maintenance saves downtime and more costly repairs.  Problems can get missed and ignored without regular maintenance putting passengers at risk and leaves your building liable for injuries and accidents.

Elevator Maintenance Cost Analysis

With profit margins getting tighter and tighter taking care of your building and your elevator to avoid costly repairs makes fiscal sense.  It also reduces potential liabilities and downtime which helps keep your occupants happy.  When an elevator is out of service it impacts the function of the property and reputation of a commercial property’s safety. If occupants don’t feel safe they may choose to move to a new building which impacts your property’s earnings.

Cost With Elevator Maintenance

Over the course of 25 years of service most elevators will need major repair emergency service every 5 years.  Most repairs involve a labor cost of about $1,200 dollars and $700 in parts. That means that each of these serious breakdowns will cost about $1,900.  Given that it may happen about 4 times the total cost of these repairs will be $7,750.  Preventative maintenance typically ranges about $275 per year which adds up to $6,875 over the course of 25 years.  This all adds up to a total of $14,625 for elevator car with a maintenance contract.

Cost Without Elevator Maintenance

During the same 25 year period of time property owners who choose not to have an elevator maintenance contract will pay more.  While this scenario still has $7,750 for repairs over the course of 25 years it also includes a new motor, and installation labor which add in another $11,400.  That means that the total without an elevator maintenance contract adds up to $19,150.

Elevator Maintenance Contracts

Elevator maintenance contract help property owners keep their elevators running trouble free and keep costs down.  It’s important to understand the different types of contracts and options that providers use to cover elevators.  Like most things the most risk you’re willing to take on, the lower the costs of elevator maintenance will be.

Survey & Report Contract

When you sign a survey and report contract it includes inspection on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.  It includes the full list of major components and equipment.  As this type of contract is simply an inspection service technicians will report signs of wear, damage, and recommend solutions.  The cost of repair, maintenance, or any disassembly is not covered under your contract.  This basic type of maintenance also leaves property owners open to potential liability should they be neglecting the repairs.

Examination & Lube Contracts

In addition to regular inspection that you get in a survey and report contract and examination and lube contract adds minor adjustments and lubrication of moving parts in your elevator system.  If repair items are noticed during inspection or lubrication they are reported to the property manager.  As this service requires much more paperwork and liability exposure it’s not typically a service property owners are completely satisfied with.  Costs are also hard to plan for and may happen at inopportune times.

Parts, Oil, & Grease Contracts

In addition to an examination and lube contract a parts, oil, and grease contract includes the replacement cost of certain parts in your elevator system.  High cost items such as motor/generator sets, cables, elevator machines, and controllers are not included in a parts, oil and grease contract.  While this service typically costs less than a full maintenance contract, it also comes with less coverage.

Full Elevator Maintenance Contract

Property owners choose full elevator maintenance contracts as they allow the service company to take over full responsibility for all of the equipment covered in the contract.  A full elevator maintenance contract allows property owners to forecast costs more accurately for budgeting.  In addition a full elevator maintenance contract removes liability exposure from the property owner in the case of injuries or accidents.

Elevator Repair Costs

Average elevator repair costs range between about $180 to $700 dollars.  Small elevator repairs can be as cheap as $100 while more involved repairs can be as high as approximately $2,000.  If your elevator has completely worn out and you need full elevator replacement the cost typically is between $10,000 to $20,000.

Phoenix Valley Elevator Maintenance

If you’ve got an elevator in your Phoenix property Arizona Elevator Solutions is your source for reliable and affordable elevator maintenance.  We offer the best service and contracts for your elevator maintenance in the State of Arizona.  If you’d like more information about how we can help you care for your elevators and the people who ride them please contact us or call at 602-515-7379.