Elevator Modernization Factors


Thinking of Elevator Modernization – Here Are Some Decision Factors to Go By

It is time for that aged elevator to get upgraded, according to your Elevator Contractor a modernization is in store. For those that do not understand the meaning of all this, keep reading! This post is to help you to understand the importance and the benefits of having an elevator modernization, letting you ponder on whether or not it will be worth the cost.

Elevator Modernization benefits fall into two different categories: Improved safety & Improved technology.

Elevator Codes & Safety:

Over the year’s elevators have caused injuries to people in different ways and under different circumstances, this being brought to the attention to the developers and manufactures created the development of safety solutions to reduce the chance of those incidents happening again. New requirements, referred to as the elevator code gurus, was eventually a requirement for new elevators. However, since the older elevators are considered the grandfather of design, are not being force into being upgraded with the code. What is saying? It is saying, “that the older elevators over a long period of time can become very unsafe” as it will not be up to code.

The Following Will Increase Your Elevator Safety:

Emergency phone – A phone that allows one to get emergency help when it is needed. Now there is the 2010 version for the elevator code which tests the phone each hour to make certain it is in working order at the time an emergency comes up.

Fire Service – With this feature the elevator will automatically go to and open the doors, shutting down. It is connected to the buildings alarm system and it will set off an alarm. The elevator will not be able to be used by anyone once everyone is off, which keeps others safe.

Door Restrictor – Keeping the elevator door from opening or being open at the wrong time(s). Preventing doors from being open when in between floors so that passengers cannot fall down the shaft.

Light Curtain – The older elevators may still have the bump pads, whereas the updated version uses infrared beams that merely form a curtain with the use of lights that automatically sense anyone in the doorway.

Keep in mind that even though most of the things listed above can be installed by a non-professional, it is always best to be on the safe side and replace the whole system to get all of the safety features and updated technology.

For instance, when getting an entire new elevator modernization, it will include all of the following:

  • Equipment that opens and closes elevator doors
  • Door Restrictor
  • Button panels/emergency phone/fire service
  • New Technologies

Main Reason To Modernize Your Elevator

The main reason one should modernize an elevator is for the safety of the people. Of course, after taking into consideration of people’s safety one should consider the efficiency and quicker response that will come from having newer technology.

A Quicker Ride – The wait time component of the time of travel is decreased when using acceleration and deceleration electronically controlled dispatching smart systems. These are what distributes elevators to different floors and pick up the people waiting to use them.

Elevators Can Learn – Modernized elevators tend to learn traffic patterns.

Acceleration – Modernization makes the acceleration and deceleration much quicker. Combining this with doors that open and close quicker reduces the time it will take altogether.

Destination Dispatch – Passengers type in the floors they want to go to and the elevator then groups passengers by the floor numbers,this let the elevator tell passengers which elevator to take in order to get where they are going the fastest. Including passengers having cards that are programmable to use instead of punching in numbers.

Green Motors – Having a newer motor could decrease the cost of electric by 40%.

Regenerative Drives – For those elevators that are over twenty years of age they can be re-fitted with a newer regenerative drive, which can transform its brake force into energy that is reusable, and this is then circulated into the buildings system.

LEDs in the Elevators – Using a LED lighting system will be less costly, as it will use only half the amount of electricity and burn five times longer.

Buttons – These can be used for call buttons and even in the elevator car buttons saving a little on the cost of energy.

Hibernation – In most of the newer elevators. It will save of cost of electricity by turning off when not in use, such as turning off the lights and fans.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Each elevator is going to have a different Return On Investment (ROI),as that will depend on its age and equipment being used at the current time. To find out if you are a candidate for an elevator modernization consult a professional. They can give you an estimate, as well as let you know if you actually need one or not. It may be to your best interest to get a second opinion, just to make you feel better about it.

Getting more than one opinion can broaden your perspective, which may help you in the decision making of what to do. However, should you decide to wait a little longer on modernizing, keep in mind that the safety of the people is what matters the most. There is always the possibility of keeping the people safer by installing a few of the listed items above yourself.

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