Best Elevator Pitch Examples & Ideas

Best Elevator Pitch Examples & Ideas

No matter if you are looking for elevator pitch examples for students, job seekers, entrepreneurs or anything else, this post should help!

What is an elevator pitch and just how can it help your career? Elevator pitches are basically a really quick synopsis of your experience and background. The reason that it is called an elevator pitch is because you should be able to state it during a short elevator ride. If it is done right, then this speech can help to introduce yourself into career connections in a very compelling way.

What is involved in an elevator pitch?

This speech will be about you. It will say what you are looking to do, who you are and what you can do if you happen to be looking for a job.

Elevator pitches are a great way to be able to share your credentials and expertise effectively and quickly with people who do not know you.

Keep reading for guidelines on what you should include in the speech, when you should share it, and examples of an elevator pitch.

When and How you should use an elevator pitch

If you have been job hunting, then you are able to use the pitch at a job fair and even a career expo, and even online within your Twitter Bio or LinkedIn summary, for instance. Elevator pitches are a great way to gain some confidence in introducing yourself to a hiring manage and even company representatives.

You can even use elevator pitches to introduce yourself at mixers and networking events. If you are attending professional association events and programs, or other gatherings, then you can have your pitch ready to share with those you meet.

Elevator pitches can be used during a job interview, especially when you are asked about yourself. Interviewers will often start with “Tell me a bit about yourself”, and you can think of this pitch as a really short version of your final response.

What you should say during your elevator pitch

Your elevator pitch needs to be brief. You want to restrict this speech to about 30 to 60 seconds. That is the time it takes to ride in an elevator. You don’t have to include your whole work history and career objectives.

You have to be persuasive. Although the pitch is short, your elevator pitch will need to be persuasive enough in order to really spark the interest of the listener on your background, idea or organization.

Share your skills in the pitch. You have to explain who you actually are, what skills and qualifications that you have. Focus on the assets that will add value to many situations. This is your chance to brag but be sure to avoid sounding boastful, but share what you can bring to the table.

Practice makes perfect. The best way for you to get comfortable with elevator pitches, is to practice it until the speed and pitch are natural without being robotic. You will be comfortable varying the conversation as you practice it. Try saying your pitch to a friend or even record it. This will help you to know if you are staying within the time frame and giving coherent messages.

Be flexible. You are not interviewing for a specific position, so you wan to appear to be flexible and open minded. It is your chance to make a really good impression with potential employers.

Mention your goals. You don’t have to be specific. Having an overly targeted goal is not helpful at all, your pitch will be used in many situations, and with different types of people. So, keep in mind to say what you are looking for. For example, you could say “a role in management” or “an opportunity to apply sales experience to new markets” or “to relocate to New York with a job within the same industry.”

Know your audience and speak to them. There are some cases where using jargon can be a powerful move as it demonstrates your industry knowledge. You need to be careful about using jargon in your pitch, especially if you are talking to a recruiter, who could find the jargon off putting and unfamiliar.

Have business cards ready. If you have business cards, then offer it at the end of the conversation as a way to continue dialog. Having copies of your resume if you are a professional networking event or job fair will show your preparedness and enthusiasm.

What not to say during your elevator pitch

Do not speak too fast. Yes, you have a short time to give a bunch of information. Don’t try to fix this by speaking fast. This makes it hard for listeners to get your message.

Avoid Rambling. This is why it is vital that you practice your elevator pitch. While you don’t want to over rehearse, and sound stilted, you also don’t want to have any unclear or unfocused sentences in the pitch or get off track.

Don’t speak in monotone and don’t frown. This is one of the downsides of practicing: it can cause you to be more focused on remembering exact words that you want to use, and less how you are carrying yourself. You want to keep your energy level high, enthusiastic, and positive. Modulate your voice to keep your listeners interested and keep your facial expressions friendly.

Don’t restrict yourself to a single pitch. Perhaps you want to pursue 2 different fields, content strategy and public relations. Most of your communication skills will apply to both of these fields, but you want to tailor the pitch depending on who you happen to be speaking to. You may even want to have personal, casual pitches for a social setting.

Best Elevator Pitch Ideas

Use these examples as a guideline to help you craft your own pitch. Ensure that your speech is including background details, as well as what you can provide to an employer.

  • My name is Rachel and I run a trucking company. It is a family owned business and we believe that the personal touch makes the difference to our customers. Not only do we guarantee on-time deliveries, but my father and I personally answer the phones, instead of an automated system.
  • I am an attorney for the government based in New York. I grew up in Florida, and I am hoping to relocate closer to home and become part of a family-oriented firm. I specialize in Divorce law, and worked with XYZ firm before I joined the government.
  • My name is John and after working years at other medical offices, I am taking that big step and opening my own clinic. If you know anyone who is looking for a new doctor, I hope you will send them my way.
  • I create illustrations for brands and websites. My passion is coming up with creative ways to express messages, and drawing illustrations that people can share on social media.
  • I have over a decade’s worth of experience in accounting, working mainly with midsize and small firms. If your company is ever in need of an extra set of hands, I would be thrilled to consult.
  • I recently graduated from college with a degree in communications. I worked for the college newspaper as a journalist, and eventually the editor of the arts section. I am looking for a job that will put my skills as a journalist to work.

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